About Montessori Beginnings

Montessori Beginnings is a small, home based Montessori toddler group of 6 children, from 2½ to 4 years. It is based in Newlands, Cape Town.

The toddler group has an indoor and outdoor environment, both tailored to the needs of the children. The classroom covers the Montessori areas of Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Maths and Art. It has its own bathroom that encourages toilet learning and a fridge for children to access food, whenever they are hungry.

There is a garden directly outside the classroom and allows for free indoor, outdoor movement. The children are able to garden, water the plants and do Practical Life activities. There is a small slide play tower, perfect for toddlers to climb and explore, as well as a sandpit and water play area.

"Help me to do it myself"

The toddler group provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere, allowing for a child's freedom of movement and learning directed by a child's interest. Children experience hands-on activities at an unhurried pace. They are given time to become captivated by a concept, and encouraged to develop their potential in their own time.

When children learn at their natural pace, it is often by leaps and bounds. When learning is its own reward, the need for artificial rewards and punishment disappears. When children are guided by an adult sensitive to their needs, yet left free to explore, children gain self-confidence and self-discipline, creating a strong foundation for all learning.